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Involvement of UX in the human brain

Neuroplasticity and its importance in our daily life


There is a hot topic in the neuroscience world called neuroplasticity, maybe some of you might have heard about it or already knew about it.

What is neuroplasticity?

When we read or come across something new, the structure of our brain will change. Our brain has got the ultimate power to change itself by a change in the structure through neurons. Neuroplasticity says that our brains can change according to thoughts, lifestyle, and environment.

Let me throw some light. We all know that social media usage through smartphone is a major problem in today’s world. Did you know? On average person spends his valuable 5 hours in a day on mobile. Why can’t we change/ find it difficult to change this habit?

Due to the repeated use, your neurons have already created a strong path in the brain. In the above case, the strong path is the tendency to use social media

Can we change this?

The answer is yes. This can be changed by rewiring the ability of your neurons. Let us look into how this rewiring happens. There are basically 3 stages for rewiring

  1. Chemical

  2. Structural

  3. Functional

Suppose you have planned to change your negativity into a positive one. How will your brain able to rewire those positive habits?

Chemical stage

In this stage, neuroplasticity involves changes in the concentration of small molecules called “neurotransmitters”. This molecule serves as a to-do list transmitted from one neuron to another. When receiving neurons get the signal from sending neuron, it guides what to be done.

Structural stage

Here, the neuroplasticity builds a structure for these two neurons like a pathway

Functional stage

If we use this newly formed pathway for positive habits, our brain will start to structure accordingly. Repeated use of this new pathway will make these neurons stronger and make our old pathway (negative habit) weaker.


According to the research, if one can follow this habit for a minimum of 21 days, the pathway becomes stronger and turn out to be a daily habit.

So, if you fail to continue your new year resolution, never give up. Remember that, your brain has got the ultimate power of rewiring.

Let’s take this challenge to increase your neuroplasticity.

  1. Make two fists with your hands facing you

  2. Extend your left thumb and right pinky to the left

  3. Extend your right thumb and left pinky to the right

How many of you can do this back and forth? Isn’t it trickier? This is where you rewire your neurons.

That’s all for now, folks. Thanks for your valuable time.….!

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